Compartmentalization - one concern at a time!

We've all been there, with a mental list of about 50 million things. Do you want to give yourself a smoother, calmer, and less stressful way to get through your day? Then read on...(or click the link below and scroll down a tiny bit for the audio file below if you'd rather listen).

The stress-management technique for the day is Compartmentalization. In your brain, you create a little village of boxes. You put each of your concerns into a different box and shut the lid tightly. Don't let your worries slosh around in a big, muddling, overwhelming pile. Instead, tuck each of them away, separate, and most importantly, out of your mental sight until it's time to deal with them.

When the moment arrives, you open the lid of one box at a time, the one that you plan to deal with right then. All the other lids stay tightly shut (nothing else creeps out to hog the limelight!) You focus on the thing that needs to be addressed and not do let your brain and your emotions get caught up in things that you won't deal with until later and are only making it harder to cope with the challenge in front of you.

Compartmentalization is like telling your worries to take a number and get in line. You'll work with them when the time is right. This will help you feel much, much better because you'll be less overwhelmed. Worrying about fewer things gives you time to enjoy life more! So take control of your thought process; tell your anxieties who is boss. Ask any kindergarten teacher: only person can talk at a time.

Feel free to pass on to anyone who you think might be helped by this simple technique. It works for people of all ages.

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